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Season 1, episode 1

Leo Schick, investigative journalist and co-parenting advocate

This episode, I talk to Leo Schick. She’s an investigative journalist and producer in South London.  


She hopes to start a family, and here's the thing. She wants to do this not just with her partner, but also with another like-minded couple. 


So - she organized a platonic co-parenting speed meeting event.  


With birth rates falling and costs of living rising, the idea of platonic co-parenting is drawing interest. And it strikes me that Leo and her partner are doing a couple of things here. 


One is very, very personal in that they're looking for co-parents, and the other thing they're doing is creating a space for others to think about this idea. 


Leo joins me from her home in Camberwell.  

The three influential texts that Leo chose were:

  • Touch: Poems by Thom Gunn, published by Faber & Faber, 1967

  • Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power by Lola Olufemi, published by Pluto Press, 2020

  • 'Could four of us having a baby together be the answer to parental burnout? I’m hoping to find out,' by 
    Eleanor Margolis, published in The Guardian, 27 July 2022

Leo Schick

Leo Schick is a freelance journalist and multimedia producer based in London. Her work appears in international outlets including Audible, BBC, iHeart, The Guardian, DW, The Financial Times and Vice.

Focusing on long-form investigative and narrative projects, Leo was a finalist in the Whickers RAFA 2022 awards. She aims to develop her Whickers project, Seven Stolen Paintings, as an audio documentary.

Leo holds an MA in investigative journalism from City University and has training in tracking illicit financial flows. Her recent credits include a Storyglass investigative series on addiction and homelessness, a BBC World Service series about money, and Tan France's Queer Icons.

Find her on Twitter: @leo_sheek

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