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Season 2, episode 6

Collaboration with Agatha Gothe-Snape

In this conversation, I’m joined by AGATHA GOTHE-SNAPE. She is a leading Sydney-based artist, and someone who centres the practice of collaboration, through performance and dance, and who also makes use of technology – like PowerPoint – that is the wallpaper to our lives. I’m interested in talking to Agatha about how artists, authors and the rest of us might work – even collaborate with – technology. Agatha is working in ways that allow us to think about where we might be headed. At the Powerhouse Museum, it’s part of Agatha’s brief to think about technology, particularly the technologies of industry. Agatha’s own work varies from performance pieces in the tradition of conceptual art to PowerPoint Decks, VR, and installations, like a new one at the Perth Institutes of Contemporary Art this month. Agatha was the first Australian to have a solo show at the prestigious Mori Museum in Tokyo.

The three influential texts that Agatha chose were:

  • Fast Fiction, Roberta Allen

  • Pure Colour, Sheila Heti

  • The wall, Marlen Haushofer (1963)

Nadine J. Cohen

Nadine J. Cohen, also known as Nadine von Cohen, is a writer and refugee advocate from Sydney. She has written extensively across the Australian media landscape, with bylines in The Guardian, The Saturday Paper, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, Harper’s Bazaar and more, and her debut novel, Everyone and Everything, was published in September to critical acclaim. Nadine advocates for refugees affected by offshore detention and was a co-founder and director of Hope for Nauru, a volunteer-run charity that served refugees and asylum seekers detained on Nauru by the Australian Government.

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